Artgo is an AIGC-based NFT creating and trading platform.
We offer a wide range of AI models that allow users to create custom images with ease. Users can convert AIGC-generated digital content into NFT — a unique digital asset with both collecting and investment value.


Our R&D team consists of AI and Web3 professionals who have years of experience in their respective fields. The AI capacities are provided by the Waterwheel team. We aim to build an NFT creating and trading platform on Aleo with the best user experience.


AIGC tools

Artgo is developed by a senior AI team. It supports multiple AI models, and allows for free image creation based on user-input text information.

Aleo's first

NFT platform

Artgo is the first NFT platform on Aleo that supports one-click NFT minting for AI-generated images. An NFT trading platform will also be provided in the future.

Encrypting prompts

On chain

Artgo leverages Aleo's privacy features to encrypt Prompt information before publishing it on-chain, maximizing the protection of creator privacy and copyright.




  • Form a developing team, select AI models and build the text-to-image generation capability.
  • Develop a demo, support text-to-image generation, and build a user-friendly AIGC+ NFT minting platform.
  • Launch the Dapp on Aleo testnet, and participate in the Deploy Incentives Program.


  • Expand the AI models supported by the platform to allow users to create a wider variety of images.
  • Develop features of NFT transfer and secondary-market trading, allowing users to earn by creating and purchasing NFTs on the platform.


  • Expand the types of AIGC and add support for image-to-image generation.
  • Support NFT primary-market issuance (mystery box, auction, launchpad, etc.).
  • Develop an AI scoring feature that allows AI to rate user-generated images.
  • Make use of the machine learning (ML) capability of Aleo to ZK-ize the NFT generation model.